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Premier Wholesaler specializes in selling Liquidated Merchandise from many of the nation's largest retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar. If you're looking for shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, display models, product withdrawals, discontinued, clearance items, and customer returns, we've got them all. We work with facilities all over the country to deliver you the best product at the best prices.

Truckload availability changes daily, and we have great deals on liquidated furniture, electronics, clothing, general merchandise and more allowing you to save hundreds, even thousands, on name brand merchandise that you can sell for great profits.  Our merchandise is shipped directly from the retailer's reclamation facility rather than from a middleman warehouse. Important Note: Please do not buy a load based strictly on its manifest as these tend to be inaccurate and should be treated as sample manifests. If you buy based on manifest you will be calling us to tell us you did not get your load because something you thought was going to be there, is not, something is tagged wrong etc.

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Wholesale TV Returns Load

Wholesale TV Truckload Condition "As Is" Returns Television Truckload.    Value $78,012.54 Cost $13,700.00 FOB: TN ( Shipping...
DW-TV $13,700.00


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