Shipping & Returns

If I am unsatisfied with the goods I receive what can I do?
First, think about your complaint!

We DO NOT make the manifests and we do not place the values on any of the loads and or items we sell. Every single item and load we sell comes direct from third party warehouses...We DO NOT have a warehouse and these values, descriptions, etc are given to us from the facilities along with the descriptions and manifests. Your summer lot can include some non summer items, your kids clothing can contain some adult, Your General merchandise load can have food on it...these things CAN and DO happen. All of these lots are packed by human hands and ERRORS DO OCCUR on manifested loads and and are expected in the Asset Recovery Industry. If you buy un-manifested, then these things should be expected.  Please review our Purchase Terms / FAQ in full before ordering. It will help you with your decisions.

Premier Wholesaler is a Wholesale Liquidation Distributor in the Asset Recovery Business, serving major department stores and manufacturers nationwide and helping them dispose of unwanted inventory. This inventory can consist of customer returns, department store returns, factory seconds, irregulars, damaged merchandise, overstocks, used products, distressed merchandise overstock liquidation overstock pallets, pallet liquidation, wholesale pallets, and out of season goods. There are clear risks to buying used product, salvage and returns, and it is not recommended that people venture into such agreements without fully educating themselves first on the risks. Premier Wholesaler assumes and accepts no responsibilities to those that experience losses of any kind as a result of purchasing such items.

All goods are sold "AS IS" and all Sales are final. There is no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied and without limitations, of merchandise fitness or marketability. No Exchanges, Refunds or Credits. A refusal does not constitute a refund. All rush fees, shipping fees, insurance fees, customs fees and or wire fees are all non-refundable cost of doing business funds that can't be refunded. A refusal sometimes sends your product back to the department store or the manufacturer who has no idea who you are and not to us therefore your product is now out in the abyss. A refusal is your clear consent that you are no longer interested in the product and understand you will not be refunded. Again ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please ask all questions before placing your order or trying to exchange your order.

We are strictly salvage wholesale so if you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us prior to purchasing and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Defective/Damages /Shortages: Any verbal or written correspondence regarding working averages are only approximations and not binding on Premier Wholesaler. These percentages vary greatly – especially on LTL purchases – and should be treated accordingly. All manifests that are given are approximate and or samples and are done to the best of our ability. Shortages can and do occur. No compensation will be given for any discrepancies between product received and manifest, manifest is to be taken as a GUIDE ONLY.

Shipping: Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and is set up as courtesy. Premier Wholesaler will help to arrange shipping as a courtesy, however, any overages, layover fees, fuel fees, etc however responsibility still remains with the buyer. Any claims regarding delays, damages, lost in transit, additional delivery charges, additional fees must be made directly with the carrier responsible. Premier Wholesaler sells all goods direct from facilities to its customers. Additionally, any items paid for but not claimed or unloaded within 3 business days will be discarded or disposed of at the sole discretion of Premier Wholesaler unless prior written permission is obtained from Premier Wholesaler.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement. I agree to purchase goods from Premier Wholesaler under the policies described in this agreement. I chose to waive my rights to any claims against Premier Wholesaler in the event of losses, missing quantities and defective items found in goods I purchased.

Although Premier Wholesaler has a High Ranking of Customer Satisfaction (and we work very, very hard to earn that), everything does not always go according to plan. We know that... sometimes orders are short shipped... sometimes the wrong product is sent. ( Your ordered clothing and you get shoes) When that happens, we will reship the item at our expense.  (This applies to BRAND NEW Items ...NOT SALVAGE ITEMS / LOADS)

This is not a 100% accurate and "straight-forward" business, and we do our best to be as descriptive as possible with the information available/given to us, however, we would be lying if we said mistakes don't happen - they do - so please get in touch with us if you are in any doubt about anything, before or after you receive your order.

Having said that, we do our best to explain as accurately as possible what, to the best of our knowledge and beliefs is included in each lot we sell. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with a purchase from us, contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order and we will do our best to make you satisfied. If...and SOMETIMES we do allow a first time customer to return something, we will NOT refund Shipping fees, wire fees ever and we WILL charge a 35% - 45% restocking fee. 

Please keep in mind that we are in this for the long haul, and maintaining a high number of loyal customers is our goal - if you cannot make money with our products then you will not re-order from us.