Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Wholesaler is an Online Salvage Liquidation Company that has been supplying retailers, wholesale companies, eBay sellers, Amazon Stores, jobbers, mom and pop shops, auction houses, and flea market vendors Since 2001 ( 23 Years Strong ) and we pride ourselves on it.  We are one of the internets LARGEST, INTERNET BASED wholesale liquidation companies / Wholesale Vendors.

We Ship Direct from Most all major department stores and or their facilities allowing us to have some of the cheapest prices around....Hands Down.

A Few Important Things to Know.
Wholesale, Liquidation, Salvage, Surplus, Phantom, Overstocks, Closeouts, Obsoletes, Irregulars, Seconds, Class A, Class B, Buy-Backs, Shelf-Pulls, MOS, Customer Returns, Bankruptcies, Insurance Salvage and more. This is where we step in, we will usually contract with the facilities/retailer, catalog company or manufacturer to buy all merchandise at pennies on the actual dollar (below wholesale) to relieve them of their losses. Then of course we re-sell to retailers, pawnshops, auctioneers, jobbers, wholesalers, flea marketers, eBayer's, boutiques, brokers, exporters and many others.

The majority of our pallets are made up of customer return items, although we do have several Listings of only New or only Overstock Items. New and overstocked items will be listed as new and or overstock MOS, please note, these items can  still have a percentage of damage in them.


Wholesaling consists of the sale of wholesale merchandise, the resale of new, used and returned goods to retailers, eBayer's, flea marketers, other professional business users or to other wholesalers, etc.

MOS = Marked Out Of Stock:
MOS is just product that has been Marked out of Stock. These are items that are pulled from the sales floor is nearly new condition if not new condition. What stores buy too much of or do not sell enough of.   Most of these loads are in perfect condition, tags and labels in tact, however, some on the other hand may have a slight chance of being slightly damaged due to shipping or human error or trying on.

What are?? TAGS (Defaced or Not) & Hang Tags=
Tags, other wise known as the label that is part of the, inside the Levi jeans and on the back is a tag/label that says Levis. These can be intact or the can be defaced. To Deface would be to draw a line through the inner tag or to cut the inner tag and or sometimes remove it.  Hangtags...these are retail tags and not not usually present on clothing other than MOS but not guaranteed to be there. If you buy MOS you will most likely get Hangtags on most all of the clothing but don't expect it.

Overstock/Shelf Pulls Merchandise/New:
Overstock Merchandise is just that...what stores buy and do not sell. These may contain new items shelf-pulls, overstock, out of season, and liquidated merchandise. Most of these loads are in perfect condition, tags and labels in tact, however, some on the other hand may have a damage in due to shipping or human error or trying items on, etc.

Scratch & Dent:
These are our Best Buy Amazon Loads, a percentage of items will be brand NEW. The remaining units will be similar to our usual lots (missing accessory, parts only). Electronics, Automotive Supplies, parts, Computers, Cameras, General, Etc. Lot consists of new, returns closeouts, open box, shelf pulls, etc. These loads are considered scratch dent with a lot of great value. Majority of items will not have boxes.

Customer Returns:
People buy millions of dollars of merchandise daily across the United States and people tend to return items for various reasons, not all of which are because of damage or defect. Typically Customer Return Pallets/Loads are made up of a variety of products that a department store has decided to sell off in bulk for a variety of reasons and to keep profits flowing, it is much easier for them to send this to the customer return center, department stores facility to liquidate. Some of the reasons: In Store display, Out of box, damaged exterior packaging, Returned to the store by a customer and the store can not or does not want to re-shelf it, Cosmetic blemishes or slight defects, Missing minor or major components, Defective when returned by customer, one or more of the items features do not work, Overstocks, Out of season items.
When purchasing a department store pallet or truckload it is not uncommon to find items that are not specific to the category you purchased. It is also not uncommon to see a different Item count or pallet count and have your wholesale value off a bit...actually it is very common. Each pallet and or truckload is packed by the department stores facility by human hands and human error is a very common occurrence. Each load is sold based on value, not item count and manifests if given should NEVER be treated as 100% accurate. These things do happen and are common to happen and are an expected part of the business. 
We have seen clothing on occasion thrown in with various electronics loads, blankets with clothing, a missing pallet, an added pallet. It does happen. We have also had customers buy a load based on one item seen on manifest to only find that item is not there at all.  Do all loads come this way? NO. You may find a load that doesn't have misplaced items, but then again, you just don't know.
Please keep in mind that the goods we sell are not manufactured for our specifications, or classified by category by us. Therefore every pallet and truckload is unique and varies in quantity, quality, products placed within. All loads are sold based on value, not item count, pallet count or size. Discrepancies do and will occur and should be treated as a risk in buying liquidated off-price merchandise.  These discrepancies in this industry should be considered normal costs of doing business.  You will not be refunded for a missing pallet, missing shirt, missing item, damages, etc. Again, Human error does occur. 
Identifying Returns, Overstocks or New Products We Sell: Premier Wholesaler is in the asset recovery business, serving major department stores and manufacturers nationwide and helping them dispose of unwanted inventory. This inventory can consist of customer returns, department store returns, surplus, factory seconds, irregulars, damaged merchandise, overstocks, and distressed merchandise and out of season goods. There are clear risks to buying salvage and returns, and it is not recommended that people venture into such agreements without fully educating themselves first on the risks. Premier Wholesaler assumes and accepts no responsibilities to those that experience losses of any kind as a result of purchasing such items. We are salvage liquidators and all items listed on our website regardless of how they are listed are considered SALVAGE unless otherwise stated. Returns will have damage and the amount of damage is not an exact science, some lots will have more than others. If you order returns than you should expect to receive damaged items in your lot.  If you do not want to see any damage or minimal damage items than you should ONLY BUY New or Overstock Items which are listed on our website as MOS. Overstock or New. Please note, even a new item can get damaged in shipping.

The Risk Factor:
The NUMBER ONE complaint salvage liquidators get: " I bought a salvage load and there is damage in it."  A true mind boggler!
There is a definite risk in purchasing salvage liquidations and store returns, these items are sold AS-IS regardless of anyone's best intentions to advertise each load as accurately as possible. Like most businesses in life - the higher the risks - the Higher the potential returns. In the long term and looking at several purchases most people in this industry would agree that the payoffs and money returns are generally very good and that the long-term risk is generally minimal. Purchasing department store salvage/returns/Overstocks/Liquidations is like playing the stock market and is not for everyone. This is not a 'get rich quick & easy scheme.