General Merchandise Kohls Wholesale Truckload

Wholesale Kohls
General Merchandise Kohls Wholesale Truckload
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  • Model: GC-KG
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs


Kohls Wholesale General Merchandise Truckloads- Bargain Priced Wholesale Loads. Lots of Brand New & Open Box in these loads from major department store chain Kohls. Loads are Non-Manifested with an average Values up to  Load 70K and come filled with a wide variety of items from all over the store including electronics, furniture, hardware, automotive, toys, housewares, pet supplies, video games, apparel, baby, sporting goods, lawn & garden, domestics, seasonal, kitchenware, plus more. Straight off the line. Absolute Winner with Great Feedback. 

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Cost $8,800.00
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