Baled Used Recycled Denim Jeans Grade A starting at $0.42

Used Denim Jeans
Baled Used Recycled Denim Jeans Grade A starting at $0.42
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  • Model: PC-USEDJ
  • Shipping Weight: 16700lbs

Starting at: $0.42

Wholesale Used Recycled Secondhand Denim Jeans, Grade A Perfect for export. NO GARBAGE.

Wholesale Used Jeans, Second Hand Blue Denim Jeans Wholesale for Export. Grade A Used Denim Jeans will have No Rips or Tears, No Missing Buttons or Broken Zippers. Please note, you can see human error in sorting and items that simply don't belong.

Used Wholesale Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothes, Recycled Used Jeans, Apparel, Garments & Rummage for Export. Used Denim Jeans We are a leading Used Clothing Exporter, Supplier, Dealer, Distributor for Quality Recycled Used Clothes, Garments, Apparel, Fashions. We offer Second Hand Clothes, Worn Garments, Used Blue Jeans and Used Bulk Clothing by The Pound for Export, to Africa, Middles East, Asia, Latin America, Europe and The Whole World.  Special Low Prices on Used Summer Clothing Grade B, A, AA and AAA, Winter Clothes, Used Denim Jeans Grade A Children's Clothing, and House Rummage.

Looking to export? We are seasoned used clothing exporters, in the Export Business for 19+ years and can offer the Best Used, Recycled, Secondhand Wholesale Denim Jeans. Please note, below lots can have boys jeans in adult packages.

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Grade A Wholesale Used Denim Jeans / Recycled Secondhand Used Denim Jeans
All Jeans are packed in Big Bales - Small Bales $0.15 per lb extra

Used Denim Jeans Deal 1: Used Grade A / B Mix Adult Used Recycled Denim Jeans. Assorted Used Men & Women's Jeans. Can see Frayed bottoms and worn Knees.

(20 ft.) 25,000 lbs. @ $0.45 lb. ($11,250.00) OUT OF STOCK
(40 ft.) 45,000 lbs. @ $0.42 lb. ($18,900.00) OUT OF STOCK
Used Denim Jeans Deal 2: Used Grade A Mix Adult Used Recycled Denim Jeans Assorted Men & Women's Used Jeans, no rips or holes. Can see Frayed bottoms and worn Knees.

5000 lbs. @ $1.15 lb ($5750.00)
(20 ft.) 25,000 lbs. @ $1.05 lb. ($26,250.00)
(40 ft.) 45,000 lbs. @ $1.00 lb. ($45,000.00)
Used Denim Jeans Deal 3: Used Grade A+ Mix Adult Used Recycled Denim Jeans, Assorted Men & Women's no rips or holes. Small Bales

(20 ft.) 25,000 lbs. @ $1.45 lb. ($36,250.00) ( BEST DEAL )
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