Drugstore HBA Wholesale Truckload Health Beauty

High Value HBA Loads
Drugstore HBA Wholesale Truckload Health Beauty
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  • Model: CS-Rite
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs

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Rite-Aid HBA Pharmacy Loads, Awesome Value loads with thousands of products  - HUGE Value
Shelf Pulls, returns, overstock, distressed packing, new products, etc. from major drug store chain Rite-Aid, these loads are Fully Manifested and come filled with a wide variety of items from all over the store including health & beauty, cosmetics, first aid, grocery, electronics, vitamins, gift items, toys, general merchandise, seasonal, kitchen, cleaning, hair products, and more.  These loads are highly sought and do not stick around long. 

Great for flea markets, stores, etc ...you just can't lose.
Truckload Values to 300K with the average value of 180K
Cost $Varies per Load 
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