Target GM Truckloads Wholesale Assorted Loads

  • Model: CM-TGT
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs

$16,500.00  $13,500.00
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Target Wholesale Distribution Truckloads. RAW Target Truckloads. Target RAW GM loads are filled with store clearance items and customer returns, these items have not been sorted out. They way they come in is the way they go out.  Truckloads will contain items like toys, infant, health and beauty, furniture, home décor, small kitchen appliances, bicycles, sporting goods, housewares, tools, shoes, clothing and more. Can see values from 60-100K with an average around 70k. Customers report 70% - 80% Brand New Merchandise. One of the Best Loads in the Industry. Complete Mix of Products.  See Warehouse Photos

Awesome Feedback and Repeat Buyer Base.
TGT Truckload 
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