Amazon Overstock - Damaged Boxes Truckloads OH AL

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Amazon Overstock - Damaged Boxes Truckloads OH AL
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  • Model: EX-AMOH
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs

$13,500.00  $12,000.00
Save: 11% off

Wholesale Amazon Overstock Damage Box Shelf Pull Pallet Truckloads. These lots are made up of "The Absolute Best unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center. Huge Assortment Untested Overstock Product. Can see other store product mixed in. Loads packed on pallets and or gaylords.

Amazon Wholesale Loads offer a wide variety of items such as Toys, Sporting, Clothing, Mobile, Food, HBA Items, Pet Supplies, PC Related, Kitchen, Electronics, Automotive, Paper Goods, Stationary, Cameras, Beard Trimmers, Automatic Toothbrushes, Sheet Sets, Kitchen Gadgets, Small Appliances, Pet Clothing, Bike Helmets, Travel Mugs, Wall Mounts, etc...The List goes on and on!  Awesome Loads for online re-sellers. Loads are packed with name brand items, making them great for online resale and resale shops.

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