Wholesale Target Clothing Loads as low as $1.10

Wholesale Target Clothing
Wholesale Target Clothing Loads as low as $1.10
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  • Model: CM-TGTCL
  • Shipping Weight: 30000lbs


Target Wholesale Clothing, Target Department Store Wholesale Apparel. Clothing is a nice assortment of Returns and verstock Closeouts. Some will still have hang tags attached and or on hangers. 

These wholesale apparel / clothing pallets are some of the Best bang for the buck in the Industry offering an Awesome Clothing Assortment. 

Wholesale Clothing items like T-Shirts, Jackets, Jeans, Dresses, Blouses, Shorts, Slacks, Shirts and so much more. Each clothing lot will hold an assortment of Apparel in a variety of clothing styles and sizes.  Approx piece count per load 15,600 units. Pallets hold approx 600 units depending on season, if heavier clothing, lower piece count but all pallets will be full. The minimum order is one full load 26 pallets. Can fit 52 double stacked. 

MOQ Full Truckload - 26 Pallets
Cost $660.00 Per Pallet
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Min:  26
Max: 52