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Wholesale Used Clothing, Wholesale Premium Clean Grade A Used Second Hand Wholesale Clothes for Men Women Children. Cheap Wholesale Recycled Used Clothing, Grade A Clothing, Recycled Worn Used Clothing Distributor, Wholesale Clothes Dealer, Used Summer Clothing, Secondhand Clothes, Recycled Used Clothing, Lightly Used Summer Clothes, Used Clothing Bales.  Note, all used clothing lots are packed by human hands and errors do occur. Can and will see pilling, can see minor stains and washed out items...it should be expected when buying used clothing. Perfect for Export to Africa, Middles East, Asia, Latin America, Europe, etc.  Special Low Prices on Used Summer Clothing Grade A/B A, A+ Premium, Winter Clothes, Used Denim Jeans, Grade A Children's Clothing, House Rummage & Thrift. Seasoned exporters, in the Used Clothing Export Business for 21+ years

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Wholesale Used Summer Clothing, Recycled Used Summer Grade Clothing for export or domestic.
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Conversion to Tons & Kilograms
5000 lbs. - 2.5 Ton - 226.79 kg
22,000 lbs. 11 Ton - 9979 kg
44,000 lbs. 22 Ton - 19958 kg

Prices reflect 1000 lb. Bales. | 100 lb. Bales are an additional $0.15 per lb. Repack fee, repacking can delay your order
SPECIAL: Grade A/B Wholesale Used Clothing Used Recycled Clothes Mixed Bales Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes will be a used recycled SUMMER Clothing Mix with Winter used clothing mixed in. Nice mix of used clothing for Men, Women and Children Secondhand Used Recycled Clothing. Consists of blazers, lightweight blouses, skirts & dresses, cotton men's short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, pants, trunks, shorts, polo shirts, jackets, etc. Can see small amount of undergarments. Will see B clothing in this lot and can also see C clothing in this lot as well. This is our lowest grade for those not wanting to spend a lot. Good For Africa. 1000 lb. bales

Sampler 5,000 lbs. @ $0.67 lb. ($3350.00) 
(20 ft.) 22,000 lbs. @ $0.51 lb. ($11,220.00)
(40 ft.) 44,000 lbs. @ $0.48 lb. ($21,120.00)
Used Clothing Deal 1: GRADE A Wholesale Used Recycled Used Clothes Lightweight Used SUMMER Clothing Second Hand Clothes Mix. Excellent mix of wearable used clothing. Men, Women's and Children's Secondhand Used Second Hand Clothing. Consists of light blazers, cotton & silk blouses, skirts & dresses, cotton men's S/S & L/S shirts, pants, trunks, shorts, polo shirts, etc, etc. Can and will see some B clothing and or winter in this lot. Perfect for warmer climates. 
(#1 for Africa) 1000 lb. bales

Sampler 5,000 lbs. @ $0.95 lb. ($4750.00)
(20 ft.) 22,000 lbs. @ $0.81 lb. ($17,820.00)
(40 ft.) 44,000 lbs. @ $0.78 lb. ($34,320.00)
Used Clothing Deal 2: GRADE A+ Premium Wholesale Used Recycled Clothes Used Lightweight Summer Used Clothing Second Hand Clothes for Men & Women - Summer Used Clothing. Grade 1, Number 1 Used Clothes Bales Tropical Summer Clothing, Graded mix for Men & Women. This is LIGHT TROPICAL CLOTHES for Hot Countries.  We mix Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Shorts, Knit Shirts, T-Shirts, Ladies Pants, Jeans, Work Clothing, Long & Short Sleeves Shirts, Men's Dress, Casual and Cotton Pants, Light Coats, Underwear, Swimwear, Polo Type Shirts, etc. 1000 lb. bales

Sampler 5,000 lbs. @ $1.80 lb. ($9000.00)
(20 ft.) 22,000 lbs. @ $1.66 lb. ($36,520.00)
(40 ft.) 44,000 lbs. @ $1.63 lb. ($71,720.00)
Used Clothing Deal 3: Credentials - Unsorted Ungraded Wholesale Used Recycled Clothes Used mixed summer clothing, Secondhand used clothing. This lot offers the perfect blend of A+ Cream, A, B, can also see some C graded Used Recycled used clothing, can also see some linens. Consists of baby, lingerie, blazers, cotton & silk blouses, skirts & dresses, men's S/S & L/S shirts, pants, jeans, trunks, PJ's, uniforms, shorts, polo's, etc. Cap Sacs
(Can See All Grades Used Clothing) #1 FOR EXPORT

Sampler 5,000 lbs. @ $0.85 lb. ($4250.00)
(20 ft.) 22,000 lbs. @ $0.71 lb. ($15,620.00)
(40 ft.) 44,000 lbs. @ $0.68 lb. ($29,920.00)
Used Clothing Deal 4: GRADE A Baby & Children's Wholesale Used Clothing Used Children's Medium Weight Mix Clothing, Second Hand Clothes. Used Summer Medium Weight Consists of Pants, LS Shirts, SS Shirts, Jackets, Blouses, Skirts, Shorts, Polo Shirts, Dresses, T-Shirts, Jumpers, etc. (Ages 0-12) 1000 lb Bales.

Sampler 5,000 lbs. @ $1.15 lb. ($5750.00)
(20 ft.) 22,000 lbs. @ $1.01 lb. ($22,220.00)
(40 ft.) 44,000 lbs. @ $0.98 lb. ($43,120.00)
FOB Georgia USA
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Best Used Clothing Wholesale, Bulk Second Hand Clothes, Used Blue Jeans, Recycled Worn Garments, Apparel and Fashions, Best Used Clothing Wholesale Clothing Dealer.  

** All above used clothing containers take approx. 10-14 business days to prepare. This is an approximate time frame and it can extend further.

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