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Premier Wholesale, est. 2001 - Worldwide Wholesale Liquidation Distributor and Global Exporter specializing in liquidated merchandise from many of the nation's retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar. Wholesale Supplier offering shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, display models, product withdrawals, discontinued merchandise, clearance items, wholesale clothes, used clothing, used shoes, wholesale sneakers, customer returns...we've got them all. We work with wholesale facilities all over the country and as a result of our many years of experience, we are able to pass HUGE savings to YOU! Whether you're a large wholesale buyer or a small mom & pop shop, we can get you started in the right direction. wholesale clothing, used shoes, used clothes, wholesale furniture, clothes wholesaler, overstock Amazon pallets, electronics
Premier Wholesaler, we will help you save on all your Wholesale Product Needs, Department Store Returns and Liquidation Overstock of 100% AUTHENTIC Closeout Merchandise. wholesale clothing, used shoes, used clothes, wholesale furniture, clothes wholesaler, overstock Amazon pallets, electronics
We supply discount retailers, auction houses, swap-meet & flea-marketers, pallet warehouses, exporters, eBay & Amazon sellers, Craig's List & Facebook sellers, brokers, and more. Not sure what wholesale merchandise you should be buying? We can help you work through that too. Products include Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Sneakers, Liquidated Furniture, Wholesale Electronics, Used Clothing, Sneaker Overstocks, Used Shoes, Overstock Clothes, General Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise, Salvage Truckloads, Overstock Truckloads, and more...all for pennies on the wholesale dollar!

Truckload availability changes daily, and we ALWAYS have great deals on liquidated merchandise, wholesale truckloads, used clothing and used shoes, allowing you to save hundreds, even thousands, on name brand wholesale merchandise that you can sell for great profit. We use our buying power to help small businesses and entrepreneurs compete against larger enterprises and buy in bulk below wholesale prices. wholesale used shoes, used clothing, clothing wholesalers, wholesale clothes, liquidated furniture, wholesaler, overstock, amazon, electronics
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