Brand Name Overstock KHLS Wholesale Clothing Truckload

Wholesale Kohls Clothing
Brand Name Overstock KHLS Wholesale Clothing Truckload
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  • Model: OT-KHCC
  • Shipping Weight: 14000lbs


Wholesale Kohls Clothing Apparel Loads will consist of a wide variety of branded clothing from Department Store. MOS Clothing is Marked Out of Stock Overstock Closeouts with some returns in it. Some will even come with hang tags attached. These All Season loads offer wide variety of items such as pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, slacks, jeans, etc. These apparel truckloads are some of the best offering an Awesome Apparel Assortment at a gret low price. Clothing comes in a wide assortment of styles and sizes. 

20,000 Units Per Load
$1.95 Per Unit

Can fit up to 38,600 Units on a 40HC
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