New MOS Wholesale Clothing $1.65 Target Shelf Pulls

  • Model: IN-TGTnew
  • Shipping Weight: 3000lbs


Closeout Shelfpull Wholesale Target Department Store Clothing, Wholesale Apparel. Clothing is all Brand NEW Shelf Pull Closeouts from all departments, Men, Women Children. These wholesale apparel / clothing pallet loads are some of the Best in the Industry offering an Awesome Clothing Assortment.

Wholesale Clothing items like T-Shirts, Jackets, Jeans, Dresses, Blouses, Shorts, Slacks, Shirts, Masks, Accessories and so much more. Each clothing lot will hold an assortment of Apparel in a variety of clothing styles and sizes for men, women, & children & some accessories. These usually run more women, then children with some men.

Truckloads  ( based on availability )
30 Pallets - 21,685 Units - Value $253,957.14 - Cost $33,480.00
30 Pallets - 35,949 Units - Value $241,471.27 - Cost $24,000.00
30 Pallets - 26,611 Units - Value $256,778.63 - Cost $32,000.00
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