Staples Truckloads - Clean Wholesale Product Loads

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Staples Truckloads - Clean Wholesale Product Loads
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  • Model: OT-STA
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs


Wholesale Staples Supplier Truckloads. Unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center. Huge Assortment of Overstock, Return, Shelf Pull Products. Very Clean Loads Product.

Staples Supplier Essedant Wholesale Loads offer a wide variety of items such as Office Supplies, School Supplies, Calculators, Printers, Computers, Office furniture, Toys, Mobile, PC Related, Office Kitchen, Electronics, Paper Goods, Stationary, Cameras, Plus Much More...The List goes on and on!  Awesome Value Loads. Loads are packed with name brand items, making them great for online resale and resale shops.

Due to popularity of these loads can see one week lead time.
Email for Availability as these wholesale loads sell out quick
Value $87,796.35
Cost $8445.67
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