Drugstore HBA Truckload Walgreens Wholesale Load

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Drugstore HBA Truckload Walgreens Wholesale Load
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  • Model: CS-Wal
  • Shipping Weight: 6600lbs


Walgreens HBA Pharmacy Loads, Awesome Value loads with thousands of products  - HUGE Value
Loads consist of shelf pulls, returns, overstock, distressed packing, new products, etc. from major drug store chain Walgreens, these loads are manifested and come filled with a wide variety of items from all over the store including health & beauty, cosmetics, first aid, grocery, electronics, vitamins, gift items, toys, general merchandise, seasonal, kitchen, cleaning, hair products, and more. Pallets are typically single stacked 6-7' high. Will see some items out of date...These loads are highly sought after, and there is typically a waiting list.

Great for flea markets, stores, etc ...you just can't lose.

Value $63,690.15
Cost $16,738.03
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