Amazon Truckloads Plug N Play Electronics & Battery Items

Amazon Truckload
Amazon Truckloads Plug N Play Electronics & Battery Items
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  • Model: OT-PNP
  • Shipping Weight: 5000lbs


Amazon Truckloads are sme of the best. Wholesale Amazon Plug N Play Pallet Loads. These lots are made up of "The Absolute Best in Merchandise." Unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center. Plug N Play Lots...perfect for online sellers.  Small Appliances, Toys, Housewares, Electronics and other Plug-In or Battery Operated Items
YOU name it you can see it, etc...The List goes on and on!  Majority is smaller items easy to ship for online re-sellers. Loads are packed with name brand items, making them great for online resale and resale shops. Please note: you can see some returns and will see lots of stores names as hundreds of stores sell on Amazon.

NON-Manifested Amazon Wholesale Truckloads
48 Double Stacked Pallets / 24 Large
Average Value 100K 
Cost $15,800.00
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