Amazon High Value Small Box Truckloads - #1 Best Seller

Amazon Truckload
Amazon High Value Small Box Truckloads - #1 Best Seller
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  • Model: ES-SBAM
  • Shipping Weight: 5000lbs


Are you looking to get into online resale? Can't figure out what would sell best on your Amazon and eBay store? Look no further. This is it. Wholesale Amazon.Com Pallet Lots. These lots are made up of "The Absolute Best in Merchandise." Unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center. Small Box Lots...Looking for Thousands of items for pennies on the wholesale Dollar? Look no further....Perfect for online sellers. We try to base these loads on value and piece count so you can see less pallets with a higher count and higher value. Loads Vary in Pallets with the average around 24 but you can see less.  Values can range from $100K to $500K in Value

Amazon Dot Com Loads offer a wide variety of items such as Toys, Sporting, Clothing, Mobile, Food, HBA Items, Pet Supplies, PC Related, Kitchen, Electronics, Automotive, Paper Goods, Stationary, Cameras, Beard Trimmers, Automatic Toothbrushes, Sheet Sets, Kitchen Gadgets, Small Appliances, Pet Clothing, Bike Helmets, Travel Mugs, Wall Mounts, YOU name it you can see it, etc...The List goes on and on!  Thousands of smaller items easy to ship for online re-sellers. Loads are packed with name brand items, making them great for online resale and resale shops.  Biggest repeat buyer base on these loads. Due to popularity of these loads can see one week lead time.

New Program as of 4/18/2019
Manifested Amazon Pallet Truckloads
Values can range from $194K to $484K in Value
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