Brand New Journeys Shoes NIB Wholesale For Export

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Journeys Mix ( EOS ) Export Only - Brand New in the Boxes

We have two more loads available of Journey’s end of season. 9,500 pairs in each load. ONLY FOR EXPORT!
These loads bring a great blend of styles, sizes and brands. Here are some pictures of past loads.

Please let us know how you would like your shoes packed.
If you would like them in their original boxes direct from distribution center it will be a total of 35 pallets to be shipped. If you prefer to have them taken out of their original boxes to save on shipping and space it will be a total of 11 pallets of just shoes.
Load Cost $83,125.00 ( $8.75 per pair )
9500 Pair - 35 Pallets in original boxes
9500 Pair - 11 Pallets out of box.
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