Grade A Used Sneakers - Cheap Wholesale

Used Sneakers Grade A
Grade A Used Sneakers - Cheap Wholesale
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Starting at: $9.75

Premium Used  Sneakers Second Hand Used Recycled Sneakers / Sneakers by the pair.), Premier Wholesale has you covered with some of the lowest prices on USED Sneakers. We offer Grade A Used Sneakers / Used Athletics / Used Sports Shoes... NO GARBAGE. We are the internets leading supplier, distributor, dealer, exporter of wholesale baled used shoes, sneakers & footwear. Perfect for Africa, Asia, Middle East Used Product Market

Looking to export? We are seasoned exporters, in the Wholesale Export Business for 16+ years and can offer the Best Used Shoes, Recycled Wholesale Sneakers, Footwear & Boots.

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Wholesale Premium Used Used Athletics / Used Sneakers As low as $9.75 per pair PLUS FREIGHT.

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GRADE A Used Sneakers Second Hand Used Sneakers
(Freight Not Included in Price)
LOT 3: Grade A Used Mix  Sneakers / Athletics Offer Includes Brands like Puma, RBX, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Converse, and other national brands. When packaging these shoes we excluded the non-wearable damaged shoes so you will only receive used wearable sneakers / sport shoes. Each lot will be different as no 2 lots are the same. ( SOLD BY THE PAIR )

2,000 pr. Sampler @ $11.50 per pr. $23,000.00 
4,800 pr. @ $10.00 per pr. (20 FT) $48,000.00
10,800 pr. @ $9.75 per pr. (40 FT) $105,300.00
NOTE: All used sneaker packages / sport shoes take approx. ten to fourteen business days to prepare...this is an approximation and it can be a little more or a little less especially during busy seasons. Please also not that all of these packages can see some damages as they are all packed by human hands and error does occur.

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