Single Shoes Grade A 40ft Container ONLY $4000

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Single Shoes Grade A 40ft Container ONLY $4000
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  • Model: EE-USH

Premium Used Single Shoes Second Hand Used Recycled Single Shoes / Sneakers by the container), Premier Wholesale has you covered with some of the lowest prices on USED Single Shoes and Sneakers. We offer Grade A Used Shoes Used Single Sneakers & Used Athletics ... NO GARBAGE. We are the internets leading supplier, distributor, dealer, exporter of wholesale baled used shoes, sneakers & footwear. Perfect for Africa, Asia, Middle East Used Product Market

Looking to export? We are seasoned exporters, in the Wholesale Export Business for 16+ years and can offer the Best Used Shoes, Recycled Wholesale Sneakers, Footwear & Boots.


All used shoe packages take approx. 5 Days to prepare for shipping.
Covert Pounds to Kilograms
GRADE A Used Single Shoes Second Hand Used Shoes
(Freight Not Included in Price)
Special Used Single Shoes / Sneakers ( Cheapest Around ) Offer Includes a mix of Grades such as, Grade A+ Cream, Grade A+, Grade A and Athletics. Men's & Women's A Grade Single Shoe lot will be a combination of Dress, Casual, and Athletic Shoes. Can also see some of boots and heels. When packaging these shoes we do our best to exclude the non-wearable damaged shoes so please remember when ordering that these you can see a small percentage of damage...very small. GREAT FOR Africa, Asia, Middle East.
(40 FT Container) $4,000.00 Per Load 
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