Best Buy Electronics Amazon Bulk Load MUST SEE 432K Value

Great Value!
Best Buy Electronics Amazon Bulk Load MUST SEE 432K Value
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  • Model: DW-BB
  • Shipping Weight: 20000lbs

Scratch Dent Loads - Awesome Electronics General Load...These loads are a great mix of product from a variety of stores like Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, BJ's, etc. 

Condition: A percentage of items will be brand NEW. The remaining units are similar to our usual lots (scratch dent, missing accessory, parts only). Electronics, Automotive Supplies/parts/ Computers, Cameras, General, Etc.  Lot consists of new, returns closeouts, open box, shelf pulls, etc. These loads are considered scratch dent with a lot of great value.

The best way to describe these loads would be 1/3 working, 1/3 fixable / needing TLC and 1/3 good for fixable parts. These are imperfect, low end to high end product. Scratch dent that cant be put on the shelf as new. Also in this load are items that were on the shelf for 30 days and did not sell. Great Mix. You name it, you can see it in these loads. These are awesome loads for the "Experienced Buyer."

General feedback we get on these loads is approx 50% working/fixable need a little attention, with numbers like this, there is plenty of room for money making with the right outlets.   We get good feedback on these loads from people that have been in the business and know how to sell (i.e. ebay) or trade.  These are what we call our Scratch Dent Dot Com Loads

25 Pallet Truckload
Value $432,761.58
Cost $20,600.00
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