Amazon High Count Product Truckloads - West Coast

Amazon Bin Truckload
Amazon High Count Product Truckloads - West Coast
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  • Model: OS-SBAM
  • Shipping Weight: 5000lbs


Wholesale Amazon .Com Amazon Smalls - Bin Store Loads - New Product Loads - These lots are made up of "The Absolute Best in Merchandise." Unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center.

Amazon Dot Com Loads offer a wide variety of items, YOU name it you can see it. Thousands of smaller items easy to ship for online re-sellers. Loads are packed with name all sorts of branded items, making them great for online resale and resale shops.  Biggest repeat buyer base on these loads.  Two types of loads, you select.

Amazon LPN “SMALLS" - Amazon LPN Merchandise. 5 foot Gaylord’s, 4 and half feet of product. 500-700 units per Gaylord. 12,000 to 16,000 thousand pieces per truckload (24 pallets). These loads consist of small electronics, can be as much as 20 to 30% clothing, fabrics, large electronics and general merchandise. 2 to 3 Gaylord’s of shoes. No books or food. There will be some iPad and cell phones cases (there shouldn’t be more than 100 on any one truck). There are typically about 2 pallets of HBA and high end electronics. No books.

Amazon FC “SMALLS" - Amazon FC Merchandise (Fulfillment Center) 1300 to 1500 piece count per pallet. 24 pallets. There is a good amount of food. Oreo’s, chips, almonds etc. There is usually not any retail item that exceeds $50.00 per piece. Again the piece count consists of clothing, small electronics and other assorted items. In the last year there has been a lot of masks (maybe a 1,000 per truck. No books.

(Amazon Smalls)
Cost Per Load $20,500.00
FOB Las Vegas
5 trucks per week
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