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Clean Untested & Brand New Wholesale Home Depot Truckloads / Pallets.  These Tool / Hardware loads offer great diversity. You can see items such as Sanders, Tool kits, Grills, Grinders, augers, thermostats, hand tools, power tools, etc. If you can see it at home depot you can see it on one of their loads. Loads Generally consist of 24-28 pallets

Nice Clean Home Depot Untested Load
Value $135,968.17 - Cost $16,400.00

New & Untested Home Depot Load
Value $63,346.36 - Cost $8,790

Brand New Home Depot Product Load - ONLY New PRODUCTS
12 Pallets - Freight Special - Anywhere in US ONLY $1000.00
Value $133,623.00 ( NON-Manifested )
Cost $7800.00

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